Top 5 Reasons People Go Online – Men and Women Differ

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eMarketer posted a very interesting article today citing the top reasons why people go online. They surveyed 500 men and women ages 18 years and older. The number one reason why people go online was very surprising! See if you can pick it out from this list:

– Connect with others
– Research
– Pass time
– Educate Self
– Share information
If you said “Pass time” you are correct! The Internet has become the number one time-waster we have! Here is the how the top 5 reasons ranked:
  1. Pass time (100%)
  2. Educate self (96%)
  3. Connect with others (92%)
  4. Research (89%)
  5. Share information (86%)
The survey also showed a big difference between men and women. Men primarily went online for business, entertainment and to keep informed on news and current events.
Women went online primarily to advocate for a cause, to express themselves, or to socialize.
If you are looking to make money online or to make your web site or blog appeal to a bigger audience this information gives you a good look at why people go online.