6 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook LIKES

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Facebook ‘LIKES’, which recently replaced the Facebook SHARE button, are becoming more and more important as part of a social media marketing plan.  Here are 6 proven ways to get more Facebook ‘LIKES':

1.  Post a Status Update.

Post a status update talking about your Facebook Page and don’t be afraid to ask for people to ‘LIKE’ it. Be sure to make the update newsworthy, something that will either add value or give great information to your Friends. Remember, Facebook is not a “Set it and forget it” thing. You must consistently update and engage people to get their attention.

2.  Suggest Your Page to Friends.

When you first created your Facebook Page you had the opportunity to share it with all your Friends. Periodically, it makes sense to share it again, particularly as you add valuable content to your page, or after you have added new friends who may not have heard about your Page.

3.  Link Your Business Page as a Place of Employment.

At the top of the new Facebook profile page it lists your employment and education, among other things. Edit your profile employment page and list your Facebook Business Page as the first “employer”. That page will then get linked at the top of your profile page.

4.  Create a Landing Page.

Facebook gives you the ability to add a custom page that gets listed along with ‘Wall’, ‘Info’, etc. Create a custom page, and offer an incentive to ‘LIKE’ your page.  For example you might offer a 20% discount, or give away a free report to anyone who ‘LIKES’ your page.

5.  Add a ‘LIKE’ Button to Your Web Site.

The ‘LIKE’ button is no longer just being used on Facebook. You can now add a ‘LIKE’ button to your web site. When someone clicks that button, they will taken to Facebook where they can login to their page. The fact that they clicked your  ‘LIKE’ button will then added to their NewsFeed along with a link back to your page. This has become such a powerful way to drive traffic to your Facebook page that some marketers believe the ‘LIKE’ button may soon replace hyperlinks in some ways.

6.  Get a Custom Facebook Address.

When you first created your Facebook Page you were able to link to it using a rather long, and convoluted address like this http://www.facebook.com/pages/CapitalRegionWebDesign/188037501208101. Once you get 25 people to ‘LIKE’ your page you can get a custom address or URL for your Facebook Page. Our Facebook Page is located at http://www.facebook.com/CapitalRegionWebDesign.  Once you get your custom Facebook address be sure to promote it wherever you promote your web site address, e.g. business cards, letterhead, etc.