Google Helps You Make Your Site Into a Portal

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Categories: Google, search engines

Most web site owners are always looking for ways to drive traffic to their site. Google’s Custom Search may be another tool you can add to your arsenal. With Google’s Custom Search you can create a collection of web sites that are specific to your industry and wrap them into a search engine powered by Google.

By placing this custom search box on your home page you can attract visitors who are looking to do targeted keyword searched for topics relative to your expertise.

Setting up a custom search engine in Google requires that you have a Google account. From the Custom Search home page you simply follow the screens to name and customize your search. If you are a qualified not-for-profit or an educational organization you can even suppress the Google text ads that appear on your search results pages.

In addition, you can customize the look and feel of the results page to reflect your branding.

Google’s Custom Search service is free and is different from their Site Search service which is a hosted, fee-based product that Google offers to businesses.