How to create a link to a specific spot in your Youtube video

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Linking to a video on Youtube is a simple matter. But, have you wanted to link to a specific time in that video? This can be helpful if your video contains sections or chapters, and you want to allow your viewers to jump right to that specific section.

To link to a certain time on a Youtube video requires you to edit the link that Youtube gives you. But first, you need to find the time in minutes and seconds. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to your video on Youtube.
  2. Go to the part of your video you want to link to and pause it.
  3. Put your mouse over the round time cursor that moves when playing your video.
  4. Note the time that pops up, e.g. 2:32 (two minutes, 32 seconds)
  5. Copy and paste the URL to the video from your browser address bar into a program like WordPad. It will look something like this
  6. Add to the end of this URL the following info: #t=2m32s

Your new URL will look like this You can use this new URL in your web site or blog, and when a visitor clicks that link the video will start playing at your designated time.