Market Your Business on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook should be considered an important part of most businesses marketing strategy. Facebook offers several different ways for businesses, and non-profits to get their products and services in front of targeted consumers.

Some business owners will ask “Why do I need a Facebook page when I already gave my own web site? Shouldn’t I try to get these consumers to my web site instead of a page on Facebook?” This is a legitimate question. Think of it this way, driving targeted traffic to your web site is a painstaking and time-consuming process, one that requires you to have good knowledge of search engine optimization (seo) techniques (don’t get me wrong, as a business owner you NEED a good web site that ranks well with the major search engines). And it requires that your visitor is actively looking for your offerings.

On Facebook you can easily get your company name, products and services in front of hundreds or thousands of consumers with much less time and effort because on Facebook you have a captive audience. Instead of waiting for consumers to come looking for you, you can show them your Facebook page by just simply telling all your Facebook friends about your new business or non-profit page.

If those friends “Like” your page they will broadcast that to all their friends and so on. This is  the power of word-of-mouth marketing where literally millions of people visit everyday. Oh, and if your thinking, “Yeah, but people don’t spend that much time on Facebook”, think again. According to the Nielsen Company, users spend an average of 7 hours per month on Facebook, more than any other web site (including Google).

Ok, now that you are understanding the power of Facebook here is what you need to do to get started marketing your business on Facebook.

1. First you will need a personal Facebook account, if you don’t have on already. Your personal Facebook account will be the basis for all your marketing efforts on Facebook. You should strive to build-up your ‘Friends’ list as this will be the group that you intially tell about your new Facebook business or non-profit page.

2. Create a Fan page or Group page. Once your personal Facebook page is created you can create a separate page for your business or non-profit. Facebook offers “Fan” pages for businesses and “Group” pages for non-profits and other community organizations. You can also create an “Event” page is your looking to market events or causes. Be sure to include your logo, tagline, company info, and any photos or videos that tell people what your business or non-profit is all about.

3. Once your Fan or Group page is created you need to update it regularly and also participate on other industry-related Facebook pages.

4. Offer specials, conduct polls or surveys, and reward loyalty. Now that you have the attention of potential consumers you need to give them a reason to interact with your Facebook page. On your Facebook page you can offer specials, give out discount coupons, conduct a survey or a contest.

5. Facebook MarketPlace. The Facebook MarketPlace is a great way to sell products. It allows you create an ad and tell all your friends about it. The best part is that in the Facebook MarketPlace it also tells your ‘Friends’ friends about what you are selling.

6. Facebook Ads. For the serious online marketer Facebook Ads are a really great tool. Unlike the other ways listed above to market your business on Facebook, Facebook Ads cost money. However, Facebook Ads are very targeted and therefore have a greater rate of return than other online text ads.

If you are interested in a customized Facebook page for your business or non-profit, or if you already have a Facebook page for your company and are interested in learning more about marekting your business on Facebook with Facebook Ads, The Facebook MarketPlace and more, give us a call today at (518) 635-0129.

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